It's Your Time You're Wasting by Frank Chalk

It's Your Time You're Wasting

By Frank Chalk

  • Release Date: 2011-06-01
  • Genre: Education
Score: 4.5
From 127 Ratings
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Frank Chalk is an ordinary teacher in an ordinary British school... a school where the kids get drunk, beat up the teachers and take drugs - when they can be bothered to turn up.

It's Your Time You're Wasting is the blackly humorous diary of a year in his working life.

Chalk confiscates porn, booze and errant trainers, fends off angry parents and worries about the conscientious pupils whose lives and futures are being systematically wrecked, recording his experiences in a funny and readable book.

He offers top tips for dealing with unruly kids, muses on the shortcomings of the staff (including his own) and even spots the occasional spark of hope amid all the despair.

Prepare to be horrified and amused by the unvarnished truth about the bottom end of our state education system. A must-read for parents, teachers and anyone who cares about our country's future.

From the Author:

I started out as a nice liberal bloke who thought the best of everyone. I changed, over time. This book is dedicated to the good kids - there are plenty of them, but they're being slowly crushed by the bad - and several hundred thousand hard-working teachers, who do their best against the impossible odds created by our mad, politically-correct nightmare of an education system. It's a funny book - I hope - with a serious message; the time for talking is over. We need to sort our schools out now, before it really is too late.

Frank Chalk.


  • It's your time your wasting

    By Loper592
    Wow, excellent light-hearted insight into the working life of a typical teacher. Hilarious, laugh out loud and rather worryingly reminiscent of my school years in places! A great quick read.
  • Beautiful

    By Friendly_mouse
    Spot -*etc.*- ON! And now the worms are turning (oh God I hope they are). Those with a good degree anyway. (Few enough granted - even a "half-decent" 'un's rare enough since knowledge became a (really *very*) dirty word in polys far and wide. Not for much longer tho eh! Panic's setting in all over the place. (BOO!) Lovely - unhoped for etc.
  • Mr Gove's Xmas present sorted!

    By MrsCW24
    What a fantastic book - it had me laughing all the way through. I am a teacher myself and found myself agreeing with a lot of Frank Chalk's ideas and musings. Hilarious yet horrifyingly accurate - sadly even children in primary school (my teaching area) are like this! I can only hope that Father Christmas leaves a copy in Mr Gove's stocking.
  • Fab and honest

    By Olivoile
    Nice to read someone writing from the heart. Having worked in all sorts of schools, I can definitely relate to many of the tales. I conclude, it is mostly down to management who are dedicated to enabling their staff to teach and All the pupils to learn and not call them shareholders and tick boxes or please Ofsted. that way teachers feel valued and try to see the best in all the pupils.
  • It's your time you're wasting.

    By hikav
    Funny. Entertaining. But inevitably very sad! So many of the opinions expressed by the author, I have heard myself stating frequently over the past twenty years. In fact I often have to say 'I am going to get off my soapbox' when something in the press frustrates me, and I bore all around me saying things need to change. No. I'm not an ex teacher, just a working class, loving father, who tried to do his best for his son, and I am delighted to say he has grown up to be polite, kind, funny and considerate. The problems in schools start at home! Legislation cannot change this. ALL parents need to look closely at their lives and children, and give an honest appraisal of their behaviour, and, most importantly, take very large steps to change things. Without this, this once great country is likely to descend into anarchy, sooner than you think!!!
  • Fascinating insight into teaching profession

    By Old enough to remember (just)
    Really interesting read, a must for anyone intending to become a teacher.
  • So so true!

    By Onesweetlips
    This book brings to life what working in a secondary school really entails. I have the same role in a different school...although mine is not as bad as the authors, it is pretty much on a similar level. This book was a true account and made me laugh yet be disgusted at the same time. Parents who read this may not agree, but they don't see what we do day in day out! I feel sorry for the pupils that actually want to do something with their lives...
  • Accurate and brilliant

    By MSF
    No doubt many teachers will pick up this book and recognise most of its contents and agree with the author. The challenge is for the non-teacher and school 'leader' (who still draw a salary from the education pot) and the MP to read this book and then act! A book not only about education but indeed a crystal ball as to where society is heading. After all, if our schools are broken what comes next will be just as bad.
  • Brilliant

    By Kris Fraser
    Was so funny. So many great stories that you can easily relate to if you're a teacher or just out of education. Great book!
  • Excellent read, funny but also quite shocking!

    By Willenhall-jim
    I hope someone in government reads this, I know there are plenty of good schools and children, but If deprived inner city schools are churning out these individuals, what hope is there for the UK. It is a very funny and entertaining book, well worth the price and a good read! Just don't let anyone over 50 read it. They may die from shock!